In the winter when days are shorter and dull we often feel a little blue. No need to despair. You can transform your home without spending a fortune. My wife is an Interior Decorator and I have heard her tell clients again and again that it is not necessary to spend a fortune with each season change. Just add a few well chosen pieces, some new colours and voila!



Do you have a bottle of 3% peroxide at home? Most people purchase peroxide to use as a medical disinfectant and it has often been combined with other chemicals for bleaching hair.  I was amazed to learn all of the other purposes it could be used for. Once I learned that it was seen as an environmentally friendly alternative to using chlorine based bleaches, I thought I would give it a try. 



Unexpected leaks and excess moisture can cause mould and mildew that not only have an offensive odour, but can cause future health problems. Realtors watch for signs of moisture in basements when they list a house and when they take a buyer through. If you are selling your home, it would be wise to have any moisture problems fixed before you list your home.



You just purchased your first home and you are overwhelmed with all the planning you have to do to make the move. You have checklists everywhere to ensure that you don’t forget anything. You have little time to think of anything except all of the tasks you must complete for a successful move. However, the move is just the first step in your journey as a new homeowner.