As home buyers age, so do their requirements in a home. They are typically not looking for all the bells and whistles that younger buyers seem to have on their “must have” lists. Rather, middle age and older buyers are looking at how suitable the home will be so that they can remain in it for the rest of their days.


WD-40 can be used for so much more than just lubricating that squeaky hinge. In fact on the WD-40 website they list over 2000 ways to use their product. I was hoping by sharing just a few of these household tips, that homeowners could save time and money managing some of those irritating little household problems that we all have. Did you know that WD-40 is mainly fish oil?

The kitchen is typically the busiest room in the house. It is also the most dangerous and most likely area where a child is at risk for injury. We are all aware of some general ways to child-proof our homes using baby gates, safety latches, plug and knob covers.  However, the kitchen has some hidden dangers and needs increased attention to ensure the kids are safe.