Did you know that the winter is still a great time to list a home? Most sellers feel that the spring is the best time to list; however, while the spring is the most popular time to list, there are advantages to listing a home in the winter. While these benefits may vary by area, here are a few reasons to sell now

1. Buyers tend to be more motivated to purchase. While there may be fewer buyers in the winter, the ones that are out there tend to be more motivated to buy as soon as they can. Which leads to…


2. Your home may sell faster. Again, homes seem to fly off the market in the spring, but homes on the market in winter often sell within three months. According to a survey by Redfin, home on the market in January, February and March have the best chances of being sold within 90 days.


3. Your home may sell above list price. Although your home is slightly more likely to sell above list price in the spring, the chances of it selling above list price in the winter are equal to that of the summer and fall.

If you are on the fence about listing your home this winter, just remember these benefits.  It may be advantageous to list now, rather than waiting for the spring market.


Contributed By:  Kristen Nead, Broker


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