The Do’s and Don’ts of Kitchen Upgrades for Home Sellers

You have recently decided to list your home for sale and you have the feeling that you may get more money for it if you spend some dollars on upgrades to the kitchen. So, which updates should you consider and which projects should you avoid?  Investing a large amount of money in huge kitchen renovations will not just drain your wallet but may also delay how soon you can list your home. There are several time friendly changes you can make in the kitchen that are budget friendly and help you to avoid over spending. Have a look at these “Do’s and Don’ts to consider when planning those upgrades.


Don’t put in pricy professional grade cook’s appliances. They might not be what the buyer wants and you are likely to lose $$$.

Do clean thoroughly and service the appliances so that they work perfectly. If they are not in good condition you may need to replace them.


Don’t replace all your kitchen cabinetry. Tastes vary, and you may choose a style or colour that the buyer dislikes. 

Do consider cleaning, painting or re-facing outdated cabinetry to give it a fresh look. Also consider replacing out of date drawer and cabinet hardware with newer modern styles. 


Don’t go marble and granite crazy with the counters. While these counters are on many home buyers checklists, if you choose the wrong colour or pattern they may end up removing when they buy the home.

Do a thorough inspection of your countertops and if they are damaged in anyway talk to a local hardware store about your options. Removing and replacing old discoloured grout can make your kitchen area cleaner.


Don’t replace the sink unless it is damaged. 

Do make sure that it is spotless and free of dishes during every home viewing. If your taps leak or are older consider putting in new hardware.


These are just a few recommendations to help you stay on track while you are considering how to prepare your kitchen for the sale of your house. Remember, nothing beats a fresh coat of paint. It also is a smart use of your money to hire a professional cleaner or company to come in and scrub the floors, wash the windows and get to all the nooks and crannies you may miss.


Contributed By: Jim McLachlin, Broker


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