October 15, 2014 was the effective date of new regulations requiring the use of carbon monoxide warning devices in houses, condos and apartments that have a fuel-burning device such as a fireplace, gas stove, water heater or furnace, or is attached to a garage.

Fines for not having one of these or a smoke detector can range from $235 to $50,000 in homes or up to $100,000 for corporations. You also need to remember that smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors must not be out of date.
Although fire officials are not yet going door to door, fines can be assessed for not having a functioning smoke alarm, not having the minimum required number of alarms, intentionally disabling smoke detectors, or in the case of landlords, failing to provide instructions on how to operate an alarm to a tenant.
Some safety tips

• Ensure you have the required number of both types of alarms installed properly

• Keep alarms clean and dust free and replace batteries at least yearly

• Change alarms as indicated by the manufacturer—usually printed on the alarm

• In the event of fire, get out immediately and do not call 911 from the house, call from a neighbour’s or use a cell    phone

• Do not re-enter a home that is on fire, for any reason

• Buy an A-B-C fire extinguisher. A is for wood and paper. B is for flammable liquids. C is for electrical fires

• Never use a flammable liquid near a flame or source of a spark
Submitted by: Jim McLachlin


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