Spring is the perfect time to perk-up your home’s curb appeal. To get started, it’s best that you go outdoors and take a walk around your home and property to inspect what may need to be done. Try to see your home through the eyes of potential homebuyers. What would they notice as needing some love and attention? 

When you inspect the exterior of your home you should inspect it from all sides, and from the roof down. While you are walking around the property you may find it helpful to take notes, then gather your gear and get started!  



Clean It Up

  • Remove any old building materials, discarded household items, broken toys and scrap from the yard  
  • Find a space to store garbage cans at the rear of your home
  • Put away items that are not in use (toys, bikes, tools, etc.)
  • Organize outdoor furniture
  • Clean-up pet messes
  • Rake up leaves and debris
  • Mow grass, edge yard and pull weeds
  • Trim bushes and prune trees
  • Power wash sidewalks, driveway, patios and porch
  • Wash siding
  • Clean windows, screens and doors
  • Check outdoor lighting fixtures and clean

Make Repairs

  • paint, straighten or replace house numbers                                                                                carpenter-tools
  • fix the doorbell
  • replace any damaged window/door screens
  • replace all burnt-out lightbulbs
  • patch and seal driveway and walkways
  • repair damaged gutters, shutters and awnings
  • replace damaged deck boards 
  • repair broken fence boards and gates
  • repair any damaged siding
  • fix or replace patio stones or pavers

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Spruce It Upoutdoor-items

  • touch up paint on window and door trim
  • paint your front door and add a pop of colour 
  • add planter pots to patio and porch
  • spread mulch in your gardens
  • consider a new mailbox
  • replace old lighting fixture by front door
  • add an attractive door mat
  • plant a new tree
  • add some window boxes
  • stain or paint porch or deck
  • replace porch accents
  • add a birdhouse or feeder to your yard


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Contributed By: Deb Rhodes, Sales Representative– Royal LePage Peifer Realty 


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