Warming temperatures signal the need to assess winter damage and undertake any necessary repairs.  These home maintenance tips will help save you time and money by protecting your investment and making it a more enjoyable place to call home.

SURVEY your roof for cracks, moss, debris or nail pops and replace cracked, curled or missing shingles. If you suspect water damage, check from inside the attic for wet insulation or mold.


EXAMINE your brickwork, siding or stucco for damage that would allow moisture to get into the walls or foundation.  Use applicable sealers to cover cracks and seal off exterior holes to prevent pests from entering.


CLEAR clogged gutters, flush downspouts and check for joint separation and loose fasteners.  Leader pipes should extend at least 150 cm. to ensure water flows away from foundation.


REMOVE storm windows, clean windows and screens, and repair any damaged sealing and weather stripping.  Make sure windows open and close smoothly and lubricate if necessary.


AUDIT your home’s smoke, carbon monoxide and security alarms.  Clear dust from covers, replace batteries and test for efficient operation.


CLEAN any fireplaces or wood stoves and turn pilot lights off where applicable.  Service your chimney to remove built up soot and creosote and check for cracks in your chimney’s exterior caused by the freeze-thaw of seasonal change.


CHECK your air conditioning system and dehumidifier by switching the power on. Call for service if required.  Replace filters and close humidifier damper, if applicable.  Service the air conditioning system every two to three years.


CLEAN the kitchen exhaust and air filter.  Dust off bathroom fan grilles and ceiling fan blades.  Vacuum out clothes dryer ducting, exterior vent and under dryer to remove excess lint.


Regular maintenance ensures a safe and comfortable home environment for you to enjoy.  It also safeguards your investment and helps prevent costly repair problems in future.  Well maintained homes are easier to prepare for sale, give prospective buyers greater peace of mind and confidence in their purchase decision and generally provide better resale value.


Contributed By: Royal LePage Canada

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