In the winter when days are shorter and dull we often feel a little blue. No need to despair. You can transform your home without spending a fortune. My wife is an Interior Decorator and I have heard her tell clients again and again that it is not necessary to spend a fortune with each season change. Just add a few well chosen pieces, some new colours and voila!

7  Staging Tips to Cure the Winter Blahs

1) Change the Colour Throws and Decorator Pillows

Your home may have a monochromatic colour scheme but somehow in the midst of February it seems dull. No need to change the entire colour scheme. Add a bold colour to spruce things up, perhaps something from the “Blue” hues such as teal or from the “Red” hues such as scarlet, bright orange or watermelon.

2) Add a bold patterned area rug.

Even if your furniture has a pattern this can be a viable option. Mixing patterns and stripes is the look of today. Just be sure they do not fight each other. A small muted pattern or stripe on different furniture pieces can make them look brand new with a bold patterned area rug, pulling it all together. If the furniture is bold, choose a patterned carpet in a toned down look.

3) Paint the room or one wall.

If you are happy with the wall colors but the room just needs a pick-up, try painting one wall a bold colour or go all in and redo the walls. If you are doing one wall, chose a colour that complements the decor but makes a statement.

4) Choose some new Accessories

We often change our mantles for the holiday season. Why not dress it up now. You may have to purchase a few new pieces but before you do that, search what you have. Clear glass jugs in assorted sizes can go a long way. Fill them with bright colors, shells, colored glass marbles, memorabilia from a southern holiday (those items are usually brightly coloured, especially Mexican holidays). If you do not have anything that will do, try other peoples forgotten treasures like garage sale items or family and friends garages. If you buy new accessories, remember, they do not always have to be expensive.

5) Add some Greenery

If you do not have a green thumb that is okay. There are plenty of silk plants available that can transform your look. Try adding a large palm tree in the corner and a few well placed overflowing pots beside the sofa on the floor.

6) Property Lighting

Subdued lighting is great for dinner parties or quiet relaxing evenings but check your light bulbs for burned out components and beware of high energy saving light bulbs. You do not have to sacrifice the look for economy sake.

7) Permeate the home with a Favourable Fragrance.

There are a variety of fragrances available for those warming pots. Choose one that is inviting without having a heavy perfume odor. You may even like the ones that simulate a baking oven like Apple Pie or Chocolate Chip Cookies.

You are on your way to a whole new temporary or permanent look, the choice is yours. When Spring arrives you can go back to your old look if you like or you may just fall in love with the new one! 


Contributed By:  Wayne Liddy, Sales Representative


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