Your home’s aesthetics, outside and in, are the focus of the more carefree summer months. These home maintenance tips will help save you time and money by protecting your investment and making it a more enjoyable place to call home:

  • Repair damage to decks and fences and fix cracks in walkways, driveways and stone patios. Replace boards or sections as necessary. Scrub or power wash surfaces. Stain, varnish or paint wood to protect from the sun and heat, as desired.


  • Wash the exterior of your house with a regular garden hose as power washers can cause damage if used improperly. Refresh exterior with paint or stain and repoint masonry as required.


  • Remove any plants or roots that penetrate the exterior of your home, and trim back trees or shrubs that have grown too close. Survey trees and plants weekly for insect infestation.


  • Aerate, seed, water and weed your grassy areas throughout the season to maintain a healthy, chemical-free lawn. Weed planting beds weekly to ensure desired plants flourish.


  • Monitor interior humidity and use a dehumidifier to keep humidity below 60 per cent. Keep windows closed on humid days. Insulate cold water pipes to prevent condensation.


  • Clean all fabric surfaces including draperies, upholstery, carpets and area rugs professionally or with commercial equipment. Wipe down walls, cabinetry and furniture to remove dirt and scuff marks.


  • Refresh interior paint and refinish tile, wood and other flooring as required. Inspect and repair kitchen and bathroom glazing, tile and backsplash for wear. Update interior design with new décor items as desired.


  • Prepare for summer holidays by securing your home. Put interior and exterior lights on a timer. Check locks on windows and doors. Put a temporary stop on newspapers and mail.



Regular maintenance ensures a safe and comfortable home environment for you to enjoy. It also safeguards your investment and helps prevent costly repair problems in future. Well maintained homes are easier to prepare for sale, give prospective buyers greater peace of mind and confidence in their purchase decision, and generally provide better resale value.



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