Looking After Your Hardwood Floors


One of the most popular floor choices today is hardwood floors. These floors are often on home buyers wish lists. To keep your floors vibrant and in good shape make sure to keep these tips in mind.

Always check the manufacturer recommendations when you are purchasing hardwood floors. They shoulde include information regarding humidity. Hardwoods expand in the summer humidity and contract in the dryness of winter. So be sure you have a good humidifier in the winter and a good dehumidifier in the summer to help your floors adjust.

Don’t take shortcuts when you clean your hardwood floors. Use the cleaner recommended by the manufacturer. NEVER wash your hardwoods with water.

Always apply felt pads under all furniture and chair legs. There is no such thing as scratch proof floors. Invest the time initially to have great looking floors for longer.

Check out all the details of what’s best for your style of hardwood floors when you purchase them.


Contributed by: Jim McLachlin, Broker

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